I am practicing a bit of music here and there for fun (Glockenspiel and electronic) and have been composing music for various projects. Nina (2018 graphic novel development)   Sampling/remixing (2017 – current) In my spare time I love mixing and mashing sounds and music […]

The Magic Bunyan Tree

The Magic Bunyan Tree (2018) was an interactive community performance created for the Maryborough’s Mary Poppins Festival with Fraser Coast Regional Council. For this project, I created animated sequences and interactive elements for the show. Animation playlist:


Ashleigh creates animation traditionally and digitally for short films, music videos, and live performance. They are currently studying animation at Griffith University Queensland College of Art, while working as an animator in performance and film contexts. SEE. (2016) is an animated film that explored the thoughts […]


2018 (current) Residency at BACKBONE YOUTH ARTS Role: Illustrator/writer About: Nina is a graphic novel in development. The story follows a peculiar falling star that incites a time-hopping intergenerational adventure in mystery and magic. Ashleigh has created music and sound design, concept art, and a live performance version […]

Birdnest Hair

by Matt Hsu and Ashleigh Djokic, 2017 Role: animator, performer, co-director and editor. ‘Birdnest Hair’ is a playful celebration of womanhood and scrappy optimists, inspired by the many incredible women in Matt’s life and one newly minted human, Wednesday. Credits: Ravi Singh, Kate Woodhouse, Maddy Payne, […]

Hold That Thought!

Festival of Australian Student Theatre 2017 Role: performer, facilitator, animator. About: An collaborative and experimental performance that explored gender identity with animation, music, and physical comedy. Co-creatives: Matt Hsu and Lana Bellingham-Young     

Show Yourself!

‘Show Yourself’ is a zine created to celebrate selfies! Selfies were donated by friends to compile into a series of portraits. Copies can be printed for purchase or sometimes found at Junky Comics in Brisbane.

Thoughts and Feelings

‘Thoughts and Feelings’ in an ongoing series that visually and textually expresses tough or strange thoughts and feelings. This process has evolved further into my short film SEE. and my performance art piece Hold That Thought!

Let it be.

Concerned Humans 2017  Role: Performer, Animator, co-creator and designer. About: Let it Be is a theatrical production that premiered at the 2017 Anywhere Festival. The performance combined live performance and animation to share the story of a girl who wants to save the world, one bee […]

Bare Feet

Shenanigan Theatre 2015 – 2016 Role: Performer, co-designer, co-creator. About: Bare Feet is a physical comedy performance developed for children and their families. It has been through two creative developments at the Queensland University of Technology (2015) and the Redlands Performing Arts Centre (2016). The story […]