Meet Sam

Meet Sam was an interactive installation produced for the Festival of Australian Student Theatre in 2018. With an x-box kinect sensor, specific actions performed by participants would trigger different actions. The work was co-created with Nevin Howell. Concept Development


Nina is a story that explores climate change and legacy. It follows a child who falls through time to meet their great grandmother. (currently a graphic novel in development). Special scribbles: Concept Art: More scribbles: A previous development of this work was created during a residency […]

Circus Connections

Vulcana partnered with Junction Park State School, Annerley TriCare Aged Care Residence, Annerley-Stephens History Group and Annerley RSL to deliver Circus Connections, funded by We Are Queensland through the Queensland Government. I spent time in the workshops to create a collection of life drawings and […]

The Magic Bunyan Tree

The Magic Bunyan Tree (2018) was an interactive community performance created for the Maryborough’s Mary Poppins Festival with Fraser Coast Regional Council. For this project, I created animated sequences and interactive elements for the show. Below is a promotional video and a playlist for some of […]


Ashleigh creates animation traditionally and digitally for short films, music videos, and live performance. SEE. (2016) is an animated film that explored the thoughts and feelings associated with gender dysphoria. The film is hand drawn by Ashleigh Djokic, with sound/music composed by Dan Anderton. The film […]

Nina – Backbone Youth Arts Residency

I completed a residency with Backbone Youth Arts where I created a short play that has since developed into a graphic novel concept. I collaborated with Nevin Howell (Video Designer) and Siobhan Martin (Stage Manager) to bring the performance version to life. Through that process […]

Birdnest Hair

I co-created a music video with Matt Hsu’s obscure Orchestra. ‘Birdnest Hair’ is a playful celebration of womanhood and scrappy optimists, inspired by the many incredible women in Matt’s life and one newly minted human, Wednesday. Credits: Ravi Singh, Kate Woodhouse, Maddy Payne, Alex Bryant, Erin […]

Hold That Thought!

For the 2017 Festival of Australian Student Theatre I created an experimental performance that explored gender identity with animation, music, and physical comedy. Co-creatives: Matt Hsu and Lana Bellingham-Young  


A collection of my digital art over the years! Digital painting (2013 – 2014) Digital art (2013 – 2017)

Show Yourself!

‘Show Yourself’ is a zine created to celebrate selfies! Selfies were donated by friends to compile into a series of portraits. Copies can be printed for purchase or sometimes found at Junky Comics in Brisbane.

Thoughts and Feelings

‘Thoughts and Feelings‘ in an ongoing series that visually and textually expresses tough or strange thoughts and feelings. This process has evolved further into my short film SEE. and my performance art piece Hold That Thought! Follow me on instagram for daily drawings! @ashalegs 2018: 2016 – 2017: