Birdnest Hair

animation, music

by Matt Hsu and Ashleigh Djokic, 2017

Role: animator, performer, co-director and editor.

‘Birdnest Hair’ is a playful celebration of womanhood and scrappy optimists, inspired by the many incredible women in Matt’s life and one newly minted human, Wednesday. Credits: Ravi Singh, Kate Woodhouse, Maddy Payne, Alex Bryant, Erin Ward, Freya Wright-Brough, Georgia May, Jen Horn, Joey Bell, Laura Powe, Leyla Gashé, Tash Llewellyn and Wednesday Llewellyn, Michael Josephson, Steph Mcintyre. Filmed in Kazuo’s Collection, Hanasho West End, Taro’s Ramen, and stormwater drains.